Roblox Character Lynitaa

Lynitaa Roblox

Woman Torso
Woman Right Arm
Woman Left Arm
Woman Left Leg
Woman Right Leg
Super Super Happy Face
Platinum Pastels
Avocado Friend
Jeans celestes zapatillas rosas
Humita Ferret Backpack
Cute Watermelon Shirt
Cute Watermelon Bow

About Lynitaa

Evelyn Vallejos, better known by her Roblox pseudonym Lynitaa, is an influential Argentinian youtuber specializing in content related to the popular online game Roblox.

With a solid fan base of over 10 million followers on her YouTube channel, Lyna has made a significant mark on the Roblox gaming community.

Lyna is recognized for primarily sharing gameplays and experiences in the virtual world of Roblox, as well as other popular video games such as Minecraft and Fortnite. Her focus on first-person gameplays has captivated her audience, allowing them to experience through her various adventures within the world of Roblox and other games.

Currently Wearing

Woman TorsoTorsoWoman Torso86499666
Woman Right ArmRightArmWoman Right Arm86499698
Woman Left ArmLeftArmWoman Left Arm86499716
Woman Left LegLeftLegWoman Left Leg86499753
Woman Right LegRightLegWoman Right Leg86499793
Super Super Happy FaceFaceSuper Super Happy Face494291269180000 R$
Platinum Pastels HairAccessoryPlatinum Pastels4142561409125 R$
Avocado FriendShoulderAccessoryAvocado Friend473939341650 R$
Jeans celestes zapatillas rosasPantsJeans celestes zapatillas rosas48674770195 R$
Humita Ferret BackpackBackAccessoryHumita Ferret Backpack5107544733100 R$
Cute Watermelon ShirtShirtCute Watermelon Shirt54785708015 R$
Cute Watermelon BowHatCute Watermelon Bow576885600650 R$

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