Roblox Character Jimothy

Jimothy Roblox

Laid-Back Cowboy
Penguin Torso
ROBLOX Boy Left Arm
ROBLOX Boy Right Arm
ROBLOX Boy Left Leg
ROBLOX Boy Right Leg
Cleetus Overalls

About Mrflimflam

"Flamingo" is the online pseudonym of Albert Aretz, a popular YouTuber known for his content related to the gaming platform Roblox.

Albert Aretz, also known as Albertsstuff and MrFlimFlam, gained a significant following by creating humorous and entertaining videos centered around Roblox gameplay, trolling other players, and engaging in comedic skits within various Roblox games.

His content often features him using his unique and comedic style to interact with other players in unexpected ways, exploring different Roblox games, and creating entertaining scenarios. His channel has gained a large fanbase due to his humorous approach and creative content.

Currently Wearing

GoofballFaceGoofball2713434425 R$
Laid-Back CowboyHatLaid-Back Cowboy45941192125 R$
Penguin TorsoTorsoPenguin Torso46358991
ROBLOX Boy Left ArmLeftArmROBLOX Boy Left Arm376530220
ROBLOX Boy Right ArmRightArmROBLOX Boy Right Arm376531012
ROBLOX Boy Left LegLeftLegROBLOX Boy Left Leg376531300
ROBLOX Boy Right LegRightLegROBLOX Boy Right Leg376531703
Cleetus OverallsPantsCleetus Overalls37674029975 R$

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