Roblox Character Byrovi23

Byrovi23 Roblox

Silly Fun
Man Head
Dark Green Jeans
ROBLOX Boy Left Arm
ROBLOX Boy Right Arm
ROBLOX Boy Left Leg
ROBLOX Boy Right Leg
ROBLOX Boy Torso
Brown Charmer Hair
Levitation Climb
Levitation Fall
Levitation Idle
Levitation Jump
Levitation Run
Levitation Swim
Levitation Walk
Cartoony Santa
Codigo Rovi23 Official Shirt
Ouch! Cactus
Rovi23 Shoulder Pal
Huge Noob Pickaxe

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Currently Wearing

Silly FunFaceSilly Fun7699174
Man HeadHeadMan Head86498048
Dark Green JeansPantsDark Green Jeans144076760
ROBLOX Boy Left ArmLeftArmROBLOX Boy Left Arm376530220
ROBLOX Boy Right ArmRightArmROBLOX Boy Right Arm376531012
ROBLOX Boy Left LegLeftLegROBLOX Boy Left Leg376531300
ROBLOX Boy Right LegRightLegROBLOX Boy Right Leg376531703
ROBLOX Boy TorsoTorsoROBLOX Boy Torso376532000
Brown Charmer HairHairAccessoryBrown Charmer Hair376548738
Levitation ClimbClimbAnimationLevitation Climb619541458
Levitation FallFallAnimationLevitation Fall619541867
Levitation IdleIdleAnimationLevitation Idle619542203
Levitation JumpJumpAnimationLevitation Jump619542888
Levitation RunRunAnimationLevitation Run619543231
Levitation SwimSwimAnimationLevitation Swim619543721
Levitation WalkWalkAnimationLevitation Walk619544080
Cartoony SantaHatCartoony Santa445933014650 R$
Codigo Rovi23 Official ShirtShirtCodigo Rovi23 Official Shirt4703419214
Ouch! CactusShoulderAccessoryOuch! Cactus536000094450 R$
Rovi23 Shoulder PalShoulderAccessoryRovi23 Shoulder Pal1341328273415 R$
Huge Noob PickaxeBackAccessoryHuge Noob Pickaxe15410895765

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