Roblox Character Nightbarbie

Nightbarbie Roblox

Paperball Tiara
Woman Head
Woman Torso
Woman Right Arm
Woman Left Arm
Woman Left Leg
Woman Right Leg
Bubbly Run
Bubbly Walk
Bubbly Fall
Bubbly Jump
Bubbly Idle
Bubbly Swim
Bubbly Climb
Erisyphia - Wings
Blonde Straight Hair with Braid Tiara
Blonde Fashion Model Side-Part
Snow Santa Hoodie
Jam's Fairy Tale Curls
Heart Gaze - Zara Larsson
Royale High Official Uniform: Poppy (Skirt)
Royale High Official Uniform: Poppy (Top)

About Callmehbob

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Currently Wearing

Paperball TiaraHatPaperball Tiara5304000375 R$
Woman HeadHeadWoman Head86498113β€”
Woman TorsoTorsoWoman Torso86499666β€”
Woman Right ArmRightArmWoman Right Arm86499698β€”
Woman Left ArmLeftArmWoman Left Arm86499716β€”
Woman Left LegLeftLegWoman Left Leg86499753β€”
Woman Right LegRightLegWoman Right Leg86499793β€”
Bubbly RunRunAnimationBubbly Run1018548665β€”
Bubbly WalkWalkAnimationBubbly Walk1018549681β€”
Bubbly FallFallAnimationBubbly Fall1018552770β€”
Bubbly JumpJumpAnimationBubbly Jump1018553240β€”
Bubbly IdleIdleAnimationBubbly Idle1018553897β€”
Bubbly SwimSwimAnimationBubbly Swim1018554245β€”
Bubbly ClimbClimbAnimationBubbly Climb1018554668β€”
Erisyphia - WingsBackAccessoryErisyphia - Wings3141361350β€”
Blonde Straight Hair with Braid TiaraHairAccessoryBlonde Straight Hair with Braid Tiara4821438681130 R$
Blonde Fashion Model Side-PartHairAccessoryBlonde Fashion Model Side-Part4847983495130 R$
Snow Santa HoodieHatSnow Santa Hoodie6103171801100 R$
Jam's Fairy Tale CurlsHairAccessoryJam's Fairy Tale Curls671434507680 R$
Heart Gaze - Zara LarssonFaceHeart Gaze - Zara Larsson789346857419995 R$
Royale High Official Uniform: Poppy (Skirt)PantsRoyale High Official Uniform: Poppy (Skirt)143187689927 R$
Royale High Official Uniform: Poppy (Top)ShirtRoyale High Official Uniform: Poppy (Top)143187707057 R$

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