Roblox Character El3za

El3za Roblox

Woman Torso
Woman Right Arm
Woman Left Arm
Stylish Climb
Stylish Fall
Stylish Idle
Stylish Jump
Stylish Run
Stylish Swim
Stylish Walk
NeoClassic C v2 - Left Leg
NeoClassic C v2 - Right Leg
Classic Female v2 - Head
Miau Heart Necklace Silver
Starry Eyes Sparkling
Y2K Popular Material Girl Hair (Blonde)
Cute Bow Face Filter [Pink]
matching pink hk pjs (=^-ω-^=)
pink matching shirt (=^-ω-^=)

About Aquakittygirl0508

did u know that im blonde (I bet you didn't)

Currently Wearing

Woman TorsoTorsoWoman Torso86499666
Woman Right ArmRightArmWoman Right Arm86499698
Woman Left ArmLeftArmWoman Left Arm86499716
Stylish ClimbClimbAnimationStylish Climb619509955
Stylish FallFallAnimationStylish Fall619511417
Stylish IdleIdleAnimationStylish Idle619511648
Stylish JumpJumpAnimationStylish Jump619511974
Stylish RunRunAnimationStylish Run619512153
Stylish SwimSwimAnimationStylish Swim619512450
Stylish WalkWalkAnimationStylish Walk619512767
NeoClassic C v2 - Left LegLeftLegNeoClassic C v2 - Left Leg4637120072
NeoClassic C v2 - Right LegRightLegNeoClassic C v2 - Right Leg4637122096
Classic Female v2 - HeadHeadClassic Female v2 - Head4637266996
Miau Heart Necklace SilverNeckAccessoryMiau Heart Necklace Silver671191992465 R$
Starry Eyes SparklingFaceStarry Eyes Sparkling7243903012
Y2K Popular Material Girl Hair (Blonde)HairAccessoryY2K Popular Material Girl Hair (Blonde)1051690392075 R$
earmuffsHatearmuffs1154277488650 R$
Cute Bow Face Filter [Pink] FaceAccessoryCute Bow Face Filter [Pink]1333698842935 R$
matching pink hk pjs (=^-ω-^=)Pantsmatching pink hk pjs (=^-ω-^=)135947240487 R$
pink matching shirt (=^-ω-^=)Shirtpink matching shirt (=^-ω-^=)135948532857 R$

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