Roblox Character Amber

Amber Roblox

Woman Torso
Woman Right Arm
Woman Left Arm
Man Left Leg
Man Right Leg
Silver King of the Night
Super Super Happy Face
Ninja Run
Toy Idle
Bubbly Walk
Bubbly Fall
Bubbly Jump
Bubbly Swim
Bubbly Climb
Bunny Purse (3.0)
White Bandage
Knitted Cute Frog Hat
Curtain Bangs in Brown
3.0 - Pearls and Pink Beaded Necklace
Long Puffy Punk Pigtails (Brown)
Giant Preppy Hair Bow Pink
Aesthetic Preppy Confetti in Pink
Preppy Frog Set

About NotAmberRoblox

?? NotAmberRoblox ?? You can see my outfits in Outfit Loader! Have a good day ?

Currently Wearing

Woman TorsoTorsoWoman Torso86499666
Woman Right ArmRightArmWoman Right Arm86499698
Woman Left ArmLeftArmWoman Left Arm86499716
Man Left LegLeftLegMan Left Leg86500064
Man Right LegRightLegMan Right Leg86500078
Silver King of the Night HatSilver King of the Night439945661248999 R$
Super Super Happy FaceFaceSuper Super Happy Face494291269180000 R$
Ninja RunRunAnimationNinja Run658830056
Cheeks HeadCheeks74676760475 R$
Toy IdleIdleAnimationToy Idle973771666
Bubbly WalkWalkAnimationBubbly Walk1018549681
Bubbly FallFallAnimationBubbly Fall1018552770
Bubbly JumpJumpAnimationBubbly Jump1018553240
Bubbly SwimSwimAnimationBubbly Swim1018554245
Bubbly ClimbClimbAnimationBubbly Climb1018554668
Bunny Purse (3.0)FrontAccessoryBunny Purse (3.0)530686403080 R$
White BandageFaceAccessoryWhite Bandage569986516050 R$
Knitted Cute Frog HatHatKnitted Cute Frog Hat748590629355 R$
Curtain Bangs in BrownFaceAccessoryCurtain Bangs in Brown823103907122 R$
3.0 - Pearls and Pink Beaded NecklaceNeckAccessory3.0 - Pearls and Pink Beaded Necklace1123898936420 R$
Long Puffy Punk Pigtails (Brown)HairAccessoryLong Puffy Punk Pigtails (Brown)1235963831550 R$
Giant Preppy Hair Bow PinkHatGiant Preppy Hair Bow Pink1276876267650 R$
Aesthetic Preppy Confetti in PinkHatAesthetic Preppy Confetti in Pink1292113807250 R$
Preppy Frog SetPantsPreppy Frog Set135967428285 R$

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