Roblox Character Gingerbread

Gingerbread Roblox

Woman Head
Woman Torso
Woman Right Arm
Woman Left Arm
Woman Left Leg
Woman Right Leg
Rthro Swim
Small Candy Cane
Oldschool Run
Oldschool Walk
Oldschool Fall
Oldschool Jump
Oldschool Idle
Y2k Emo Goth Aesthetic Red Plaid Vamp Pajamas
[STARS] candycane sweater w christmas white skirt
Long Blonde Hair
Lion Shoulder Pet
Christmas Hat With Pompon
Y2K Heart Necklace

About Lion_lover0411

Pageant girl Loves lions

Currently Wearing

Woman HeadHeadWoman Head86498113
Woman TorsoTorsoWoman Torso86499666
Woman Right ArmRightArmWoman Right Arm86499698
Woman Left ArmLeftArmWoman Left Arm86499716
Woman Left LegLeftLegWoman Left Leg86499753
Woman Right LegRightLegWoman Right Leg86499793
Rthro SwimSwimAnimationRthro Swim2510240941
Small Candy CaneFaceAccessorySmall Candy Cane448462216220 R$
Oldschool RunRunAnimationOldschool Run5319900634
Oldschool WalkWalkAnimationOldschool Walk5319909330
Oldschool FallFallAnimationOldschool Fall5319914476
Oldschool JumpJumpAnimationOldschool Jump5319917561
Oldschool IdleIdleAnimationOldschool Idle5319922112
Y2k Emo Goth Aesthetic Red Plaid Vamp PajamasPantsY2k Emo Goth Aesthetic Red Plaid Vamp Pajamas591246286298 R$
[STARS] candycane sweater w christmas white skirtShirt[STARS] candycane sweater w christmas white skirt60816900097 R$
Long Blonde HairHairAccessoryLong Blonde Hair653628931280 R$
Lion Shoulder PetShoulderAccessoryLion Shoulder Pet681192275825 R$
Christmas Hat With Pompon HatChristmas Hat With Pompon810722880650 R$
Y2K Heart Necklace NeckAccessoryY2K Heart Necklace932405473820 R$

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