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Codedcosmetics Roblox

Woman Torso
Woman Right Arm
Woman Left Arm
Woman Left Leg
Woman Right Leg
Stylish Climb
Stylish Idle
Zombie Swim
Mage Fall
Cartoony Jump
Bubbly Run
Bubbly Walk
[❀] Ariana Grande TUN Santa Dress
Mini Santa Hat
Celebrity Bling
Princess Alexis
Blonde Low Ponytail

About Codedcosmetics

⭐⭐ Follow to join me in-game!! Hey, Developer and currently making clothing & avatar games! Send me a Message if you want to give suggestions on any of my projects. πŸ’Ÿ I can’t accept every friend request, follow me instead!

Currently Wearing

Woman TorsoTorsoWoman Torso86499666β€”
Woman Right ArmRightArmWoman Right Arm86499698β€”
Woman Left ArmLeftArmWoman Left Arm86499716β€”
Woman Left LegLeftLegWoman Left Leg86499753β€”
Woman Right LegRightLegWoman Right Leg86499793β€”
Stylish ClimbClimbAnimationStylish Climb619509955β€”
Stylish IdleIdleAnimationStylish Idle619511648β€”
Zombie SwimSwimAnimationZombie Swim619537096β€”
NarrowHeadNarrow74677468775 R$
Mage FallFallAnimationMage Fall754636589β€”
Cartoony JumpJumpAnimationCartoony Jump837011171β€”
Bubbly RunRunAnimationBubbly Run1018548665β€”
Bubbly WalkWalkAnimationBubbly Walk1018549681β€”
[❀] Ariana Grande TUN Santa DressPants[❀] Ariana Grande TUN Santa Dress59440036157 R$
Mini Santa HatHatMini Santa Hat600516715075 R$
Celebrity BlingFaceAccessoryCelebrity Bling623932354976 R$
Princess AlexisFacePrincess Alexis6590375198β€”
Blonde Low PonytailHairAccessoryBlonde Low Ponytail1304993694875 R$

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