Roblox Character Crookyxomg

Crookyxomg Roblox

Roblox 2.0 Torso
Roblox 2.0 Right Arm
Roblox 2.0 Left Arm
Roblox 2.0 Left Leg
Roblox 2.0 Right Leg
Joyful Smile
; green adidas tube fit w brwn
Oldschool Run
Oldschool Walk
Oldschool Fall
Oldschool Jump
Oldschool Idle
Build It Backpack
Cardio Cans
Black Messy Wavy Hair
Christmas Gloves
Snowflake Santa Hat
Tied Waist Jacket in Black (1.0)
✨Nike Black Shirt✨
Messy Middle Part Y2k Hair - Black
Fur Winter Gloves - Christmas Red Santa
Christmas Aura

About CROOKY_omg6

Your the brightness of my life, sun shine of my heart! Cute dog! Xd:>

Currently Wearing

Roblox 2.0 TorsoTorsoRoblox 2.0 Torso27112025—
Roblox 2.0 Right ArmRightArmRoblox 2.0 Right Arm27112039—
Roblox 2.0 Left ArmLeftArmRoblox 2.0 Left Arm27112052—
Roblox 2.0 Left LegLeftLegRoblox 2.0 Left Leg27112056—
Roblox 2.0 Right LegRightLegRoblox 2.0 Right Leg27112068—
Joyful SmileFaceJoyful Smile209995366—
; green adidas tube fit w brwnPants; green adidas tube fit w brwn37327403135 R$
Oldschool RunRunAnimationOldschool Run5319900634—
Oldschool WalkWalkAnimationOldschool Walk5319909330—
Oldschool FallFallAnimationOldschool Fall5319914476—
Oldschool JumpJumpAnimationOldschool Jump5319917561—
Oldschool IdleIdleAnimationOldschool Idle5319922112—
Build It BackpackBackAccessoryBuild It Backpack5354918926—
Cardio CansHatCardio Cans5354938243—
Black Messy Wavy HairHairAccessoryBlack Messy Wavy Hair546154858160 R$
Christmas GlovesNeckAccessoryChristmas Gloves600734701120 R$
Snowflake Santa HatHatSnowflake Santa Hat829967065856 R$
Tied Waist Jacket in Black (1.0)WaistAccessoryTied Waist Jacket in Black (1.0)854085605670 R$
✨Nike Black Shirt✨Shirt✨Nike Black Shirt✨124039652935 R$
Messy Middle Part Y2k Hair - BlackFaceAccessoryMessy Middle Part Y2k Hair - Black1461041572616 R$
Fur Winter Gloves - Christmas Red SantaShirtAccessoryFur Winter Gloves - Christmas Red Santa1521857961452 R$
Christmas AuraShoulderAccessoryChristmas Aura1527443148516 R$

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