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Pizzagame38434 Roblox

Rthro Climb
Rthro Fall
Rthro Idle
Rthro Jump
Rthro Run
Rthro Swim
Rthro Walk
Roblox Shirt - Simple Pattern
Oliver - Left Arm
Oliver - Left Leg
Oliver - Right Arm
Oliver - Right Leg
Oliver - Torso
Oliver - Hair
Anime - Mood
Oliver - Head
Oliver - Brows
Brown Fedora
 Blue Platypus Suit

About Pizzagame38434

My ideas on making a game is a sword fighting game with different maps and they have to fight off in the last one standing wins and my other one is

Currently Wearing

Rthro ClimbClimbAnimationRthro Climb2510230574
Rthro FallFallAnimationRthro Fall2510233257
Rthro IdleIdleAnimationRthro Idle2510235063
Rthro JumpJumpAnimationRthro Jump2510236649
Rthro RunRunAnimationRthro Run2510238627
Rthro SwimSwimAnimationRthro Swim2510240941
Rthro WalkWalkAnimationRthro Walk2510242378
Roblox Shirt - Simple PatternShirtRoblox Shirt - Simple Pattern3670737444
Oliver - Left ArmLeftArmOliver - Left Arm3963861732
Oliver - Left LegLeftLegOliver - Left Leg3963864909
Oliver - Right ArmRightArmOliver - Right Arm3963867514
Oliver - Right LegRightLegOliver - Right Leg3963869770
Oliver - TorsoTorsoOliver - Torso3963871432
Oliver - HairHairAccessoryOliver - Hair3963874672
Anime - MoodMoodAnimationAnime - Mood11573370910
Oliver - HeadDynamicHeadOliver - Head12778883791
Oliver - BrowsEyebrowAccessoryOliver - Brows12778888565
Brown FedoraHatBrown Fedora1342263657750 R$
 Blue Platypus Suit PantsAccessory Blue Platypus Suit1407761323272 R$

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