Roblox Character Fakepepplno

Fakepepplno Roblox

Roblox 2.0 Torso
Roblox 2.0 Right Arm
Roblox 2.0 Left Arm
Roblox 2.0 Left Leg
Roblox 2.0 Right Leg
Pizza Face Hat
Stylish Jump
Stylish Swim
Levitation Walk
Toy Climb
Bubbly Fall
Run Animation
Idle Animation
Large Red Bow Tie
Shy Cheek Makeup in Red
PizzaHead Colored Arms - Pizza Tower
 Extra Big Smile Mouth (3D)
Nose Big
Holdable Windforce Banhammer

About Hxckulaa

Hi, I am Krystal. Remaking this at a later time, for now here is some basic info about me. 18 year old female with ADHD Loves Pizza Tower & Baldi's Basics Proud Senior Moderator

Currently Wearing

GleeFaceGlee707472925 R$
Roblox 2.0 TorsoTorsoRoblox 2.0 Torso27112025
Roblox 2.0 Right ArmRightArmRoblox 2.0 Right Arm27112039
Roblox 2.0 Left ArmLeftArmRoblox 2.0 Left Arm27112052
Roblox 2.0 Left LegLeftLegRoblox 2.0 Left Leg27112056
Roblox 2.0 Right LegRightLegRoblox 2.0 Right Leg27112068
Pizza Face HatHatPizza Face Hat273967011125 R$
Stylish JumpJumpAnimationStylish Jump619511974
Stylish SwimSwimAnimationStylish Swim619512450
Levitation WalkWalkAnimationLevitation Walk619544080
Toy ClimbClimbAnimationToy Climb973773170
Bubbly FallFallAnimationBubbly Fall1018552770
Run AnimationRunAnimationRun Animation4418324223
Idle AnimationIdleAnimationIdle Animation4418326547
Large Red Bow TieNeckAccessoryLarge Red Bow Tie1039295265350 R$
Shy Cheek Makeup in RedFaceAccessoryShy Cheek Makeup in Red1093974565124 R$
PizzaHead Colored Arms - Pizza TowerShirtPizzaHead Colored Arms - Pizza Tower127963057175 R$
 Extra Big Smile Mouth (3D) FaceAccessory Extra Big Smile Mouth (3D)1292736639149 R$
PizzaheadPantsPizzahead129583890305 R$
Nose BigFaceAccessoryNose Big1329347696849 R$
Holdable Windforce BanhammerShirtAccessoryHoldable Windforce Banhammer15250123643100 R$

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