Roblox Character Brb

Brb Roblox

Super Super Happy Face
Ninja Fall
Ninja Swim
Cartoony Jump
Pirate Climb
Toy Idle
White Winter Scarf
Gothic Necklace
Black jeans w Tactical Boots
Beige Off Shoulder Coat
black sweater
Faceless Head - Skin Color
The UzuKee Special
UzuKee Face 1.0
Sword Earrings
Black Low Turtleneck 2.0

About UzuKee

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Currently Wearing

Super Super Happy FaceFaceSuper Super Happy Face494291269180000 R$
Ninja FallFallAnimationNinja Fall658831500
Ninja SwimSwimAnimationNinja Swim658832807
Cartoony JumpJumpAnimationCartoony Jump837011171
Pirate ClimbClimbAnimationPirate Climb837025325
Toy IdleIdleAnimationToy Idle973771666
White Winter ScarfNeckAccessoryWhite Winter Scarf448278596975 R$
Gothic NecklaceNeckAccessoryGothic Necklace4623158859125 R$
Black jeans w Tactical BootsPantsBlack jeans w Tactical Boots61488231065 R$
Beige Off Shoulder CoatJacketAccessoryBeige Off Shoulder Coat9039938371100 R$
black sweaterShirtblack sweater92684473015 R$
Faceless Head - Skin ColorHatFaceless Head - Skin Color1071533287950 R$
The UzuKee SpecialHairAccessoryThe UzuKee Special11902588865
UzuKee Face 1.0FaceAccessoryUzuKee Face 1.011989649169
Sword EarringsHatSword Earrings1201220105370 R$
Black Low Turtleneck 2.0NeckAccessoryBlack Low Turtleneck 2.01201220729750 R$

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